Porter Robinson *Worlds Tour* | Bill Graham Civic A. 2014
by: Steven Truong

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"“Fellow Feeling” contains a hideously aggressive section of melody-less bass and beat—precisely what Robinson says he’s been moving away from. Before long, though, programming glitches knock the rhythm off-kilter into stuttering noise until the system crashes out altogether. After a jarring pause, a voice whispers, as if from a bomb shelter: “This ugliness, this cruelty, this repulsiveness, it will die out,” it says, dramatizing Robinson’s frustrations with the type of beat he’s just made. “And now, I cry for all that is beautiful.” Strings swell up and stir—music, classically defined—but the orchestra is interrupted, increasingly, by urgent zaps like power lines snapping while the roof caves in. Suddenly, the monstrous beat returns, merging now with the strings, so they shriek together in the album’s most visceral passage. In a way, Robinson’s given in, and in another, he’s reclaimed something. The drive toward ecstasy and obliteration cannot be denied, it seems, but at least beauty has inserted itself."

Porter Robinson *Worlds Tour* | @ The WaMu Theater 2014
by: Keaton Foley

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